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Linear Thermal Bridging Guidance

Linear Thermal Bridging Guidance Linear Thermal Bridging Technical Bulletin available for download

When it comes to constructing energy efficient buildings, it is vital for that energy efficiency to be built into the very fabric of the building, reducing the requirement for space heating as far as possible in the first instance, before turning to technology such to take up the demand. Recent revisions to Part L supports this view by placing emphasis firmly on building envelope performance, not just in terms of insulation, but also with regard to details such as airtightness and thermal bridging.

Linear thermal bridges occur at junctions, e.g. wall to floor,and openings, e.g. windows, in the building fabric, and are expressed as psi-values (ψ), which are calculated using complex, time consuming and often expensive thermal modelling software. However, Kingspan Insulation has had a number of the junctions detailed in the Kingspan TEK® Building System Standard Details Handbook modelled and ψ-values calculated for them.

The Linear Thermal Bridging Technical Bulletin can be downloaded here.